Porirua Writers' Walk

The idea of a Porirua City Writers’ Walk has been under discussion for some time now.  Following an initial approach made to the Porirua Community Arts Council and a project launch in 2012, a financial commitment was sought from the Porirua City Council in order to create a writers’ walk which would reflect the rich legacy of writers and poets who have lived and worked in the city.

This commitment was formalised in the PCC long term plan, commencing in the 2015-16 financial year. Already installed is a Pou commemorating the wordsmith Te Rangihaeata at the corner of Wineera Drive and Titahi Bay Road, a Ngati Toa/ City Council project launched in 2015 and one which serves to mark the start of the walk. Over the next five years a number of artistic installations will be appearing along the waterfront pathway, around as far as the Pirate’s Cove Mini Golf site. These will be landscaped and ‘people friendly’ spaces, suitable for all to explore.

The Arts Council is currently looking at the design and installation of at least one Writers’ Walk commemoration a year for the next five years, and is working with local writers to find suitable texts which reflect the area in which the works will stand – the landforms, harbour, skies for example.

Information about each commemoration will appear on this site - the group is very keen that the educational and artistic values of the Writers’ Walk reach a wide audience.

The working group welcomes your views!  Do you have skills to offer the project?

Writers currently under consideration include Briar Grace Smith, Sam Hunt, Adrienne Jansen, Alison Wong, Louis Johnson, Elizabeth Knox, Gary McCormack, and children’s authors Juliette MacIver and Jack Lasenby… and more.

If you have a view, or skills to offer the working group, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.