The 25th annual Waitangi Day Festival of the Elements was held this year. Sadly this will be the last Festival of its type in Porirua. We are hoping that new ventures will arise out of what we have worked for over the years.


Huge thanks to all our community supporters, stall holders, and artists & performers from around NZ. Grateful thanks to our committed funders too. We are already talking about new events!


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Porirua Writers' Walk:


Sculpture three of the Porirua Writers’ walk was unveiled on Saturday 1 July 2017.


This work commemorates the renowned author Michael King who lived and wrote here for a number of years.






Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have an interest in the arts in and around Porirua City and wish to be more involved. How can I do that?

A. See our web page How to Help for suggestions, or contact the relevant individual or organisation listed on the Porirua Community Arts Council Arts Hub.

Q. Who elects the Porirua Community Arts Council Committee?

A. The Porirua Community Arts Council Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in October. Individuals wishing to serve on the committee need to be nominated by an existing committee member.

Q. Does Porirua Community Arts Council receive any funding from ratepayers via Porirua City Council?

A. The only funding from ratepayers and Porirua City Council received by Porirua Community Arts Council (PCAC) in the past was a contestable grant specifically to assist with staging festival of the Elements on Waitangi Day. These funds were not guaranteed and had to be requested from Council each year. This event is no longer run by PCAC.


Q. After 25 years of being a part of the annual Waitangi Day Festival of the Elements in what ways can I now become involved in the arts in Porirua?

A. PCAC has a number of initiatives which are ongoing, and plans for new arts activations are always popping up. Do you want to be a part of our Writers’ Walk sub-committee? Special Festivals, Matariki events? New ideas for mini events are always welcome. We are committed to the design and build of a dedicated performing arts centre in Porirua for instance. Interested? Get in touch!


Q. I want to be involved but hate going to meetings! How can I help?

A. We are all busy- all our committee members are part of working groups which report back to the monthly meeting in whatever way is best for them. As we are volunteers we do ‘what we can when we can’.


Q. I am in the film industry- is there any way I can get involved in the Arts Council at a local level?

A. Our members come from every imaginable creative background, which then feeds into specific projects. Your skills in project management, community engagement, networking etc are what underpins how we do our work in and around Porirua.