The 25th annual Waitangi Day Festival of the Elements was held this year. Sadly this will be the last Festival of its type in Porirua. We are hoping that new ventures will arise out of what we have worked for over the years.


Huge thanks to all our community supporters, stall holders, and artists & performers from around NZ. Grateful thanks to our committed funders too. We are already talking about new events!


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Porirua Writers' Walk:


Sculpture three of the Porirua Writers’ walk was unveiled on Saturday 1 July 2017.


This work commemorates the renowned author Michael King who lived and wrote here for a number of years.








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Arts Hub Update


The Arts Council works with a growing number of local and regional artists across all the arts disciplines. We now keep a database of those who are interested in sharing their details with the wider public. We too are happy to share this information.


Get in touch if you are looking for a particular person, role or organisation involved in the Arts in and around Porirua.


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